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Michael J. Millonig, Attorney at Law:

 Ohio State Bar Association Board Certified Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Specialist
 Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation since 1998
 CPA inactive status

 VA (Veterans Admin)  Accredited Attorney










 Estate Planning Services:

 Includes preparation of wills, trusts, revocable living trusts, estate planning to avoid probate, A B trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, dynasty trusts, family limited partnerships (FLP), special needs trusts (SNT), durable powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, living wills, advanced estate tax planning for estates over five million dollars, business succession planning and gift tax returns.


Asset Protection :

 Asset protection planning to protect assets from the risks of future lawsuits, government expropriation and other threats, family limited partnerships (FLP), limited liability companies (LLC), State law exemptions for assets, offshore trusts, foreign asset protection trusts and domestic asset protection trusts (Ohio, Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, Rhode Island, Utah, South Dakota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wyoming and New Hampshire trusts).


Probate Services:

 Includes probate administration of decedent's estates, estate tax return preparation, guardianship and accounts of trustees. Prompt completion of all probate estates is a top priority.


Trust Administration Services:

 Includes representation of trustees upon the death of the grantor of the trust and estate tax return preparation.


Business Representation:

 Includes a wide range of legal services for the needs of business owners such as business formation [incorporation, partnership agreements, limited liability co. (LLC)], purchase and sale of a business, contracts, employment law, and general legal advice on business matters.


Tax Services:

Includes income tax planning and advice incident to any business transaction, representation before the IRS in audits and tax litigation, and other advice in the areas of individual, estate, gift, corporate and partnership tax law.



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  • Is There Any Way Mom Can Inherit Money Without Losing Medicaid?

    My 85-year-old mother lives in Iowa and is in assisted living and on Medicaid after a major stroke four years ago. She has been a widow raising seven children alone since 1966, and has never had any money to speak of in all that time. Her brother recently passed away and left her and her sisters money. It is an amount Mom cannot spend within a month. She does not need anything for her apartment or herself and she cannot travel.  She has paid for her funeral arrangements, etc. What can she do so she doesn't lose her Medicaid? 

  • How Can We Convince My Father That Moving from the Nursing Home to Our House Is Not an Option?

    My disabled father is currently in a nursing home but wants to move in with my husband and me.  He needs constant care -- he is on a feeding tube, his colostomy must be regularly changed, he needs bathing and he can't walk and has limited movement of his arms. My husband and I are barely home and would not be able to properly care for him. We have told him this but he is hard-headed and says he will be fine alone.  I am searching for some kind of rules or regulations to prove to him that we could get arrested for elderly neglect. Meanwhile, he is doing everything in his power to get kicked out of the nursing home so that I have no choice but to take him in. Please help!!!! 

  • VA Eliminates Net Worth Requirement for Health Care

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has updated the way it determines eligibility for VA health care benefits, making it easier for many veterans to get access to the benefits. 

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